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Our traditional french fries set the industry standard for consistent foodservice quality and performance. Choose from a broad assortment of french fry brands and cuts that always deliver uniform sizing,golden appearance,light,fluffy texture and full potato flavor. Whatever the requirement,there's a Lamb Weston traditional french fry to fit the need.

Sweet Potato Fast Facts:
Did you know that Sweet Potatoes aren't even potatoes? They're part of the morning glory family(Convolvulaceae).Take a look at more fast facts that can impact your operation every day!
The Center for Science in the Public Interest(CSPI) ranks sweet potatoes as the #1 super food for better health.
Nearly half of operators believe that sweet potato fries could command a premium-the highest of any fry.
Consumers are willing to pay more for sweet potato fries.
Foodservice operators who have sweet potatoes on their menu said that they have benefited from the unique customer appeal,variety,as well as visual and flavor interests.
Two thirds of consumers surveyed said that they look for healthy foods,and about half believed that sweet potatoes are more nutritious than other vegetables.

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