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BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD, a subsidiary of QAF LTD, started its business in 1958 as a commodity trader in frozen meat, dairy products and even poultry farming. Over the next two decades, it operated as a food distribution company with a strong emphasis on meat and commodity products.

Understanding its market is what BEN FOODS (S) PTE LTD does best, with its focus on food trading, packing and wholesale operations. Ben Foods is housed in NCS Cold Stores (S) Pte Ltd, which provides a multi-temperature warehousing with a total capacity of 10,000 tons or 15,000 pallets. 

NCS Cold Stores also a wholly owned subsidiary of QAF LTD, provides Ben Foods with a full service package i.e. modernize storage inclusive of a bonded store and supportive integrated facilities such as processing and repacking

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